Anvil Ale House & Brewpub

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Dullstroom, Mpumalanga, South Africa
132 Lesedi Street Dullstroom Mpumalanga 1110 ZA

Our beers:

Blond Ale
This hybrid beer was born out of necessity to satisfy the South African taste for a crisp, refreshing beer for our hot summers. Brewing at ale tempeartures with a wheat style yeast, results in a gentle fruitiness being imparted to this beer. This is balanced by a healthy dose of local and imported hops. The pure water used in our brewing process enhances the delicate nature of this beer.

Pale Ale
A copper- to red coloured English ale, originally from the Burton area. This premium ale has a lingering spicy hop character on the back of the tongue, balanced by the clean, malty fullness on the front of the palate. This is combined with fruity esters from the English yeast strain. The late addition of imported hops gives this ale an aromatic floral hop character. Following true English tradition, this beer is fermented at warmer temperatures using top fermenting yeast and with a lower carbonation rate than most mainline South African beers.

Black Anvil
The history of the porter style can be traced back to 1722 and is attributed to Ralph Harwood who introduced it to the hardworking London labourers. Smooth as silk, this easy drinking beer is characterised by an underlying roasted coffee, chocolatey taste, with a deep ruby colour. Brewed from 5 different malts and English top fermenting yeast, the beer has different layers of taste that are combined into a very smooth complex winter tipple.


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