Carlton Cafe + Delicious

13th Street, Menlo Park Pretoria, South Africa
64 13th Street Pretoria Gauteng 0081 ZA

Carlton Café is a daytime eatery serving breakfast, lunch and all-day fare. Since opening in Menlo Park, Pretoria, in October 2002, it has drawn a loyal epicure following. The café is not licensed to sell wine. Reservations are recommended. Chef-patronne Rachel Botes read law but found more contentment in cooking. Inspired by a chef’s jacket bought at the rummage sale of the old Carlton Hotel in 1998, she established the first Carlton Café at River Meadow Manor in Irene. Finding it difficult to source particular products for corporate clients, she extended the Carlton concept to include a small deli when opening in Menlo Park. “My strong point is my ability to marry tastes. I know what will work together before even trying it.” She holds dear the values of seasonal, wholesome fare and working with basic ingredients. Chocolate, comfort food and local cooking traditions (including cooking on fire) are her passions.

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