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1 Meerlust Avenue, corner of Lynnwood Road and Meerlust Avenue, Die Wilgers, Pretoria, Gauteng.
970 Meerlust Road Pretoria Gauteng 0184 ZA

A bit of info…

We are a café, and stick to our café-style lay-out which is small tables and groups.
We are open plan, and do not have private function rooms or cordoned off areas… all the spaces are shared by the public.

On a Saturdays and Public Holidays the maximum amount of persons we accommodate per group is 14, children included, and during the week the maximum is 20 persons children included.

We do not do children’s parties.

If you fall within this framework, we take a reservation for you, and we personalize a menu, platters, or package according to your budget and needs. Ordering off the menu is of course most welcome!
You are welcome to bring your own champagne, we charge R60 corkage, and now also sell our own wine and champagne.

The platters I make can be savoury and sweet combined.
I combine bite-size treats in our menu-style, that caters for everyone from the “banters” to the “vegans”!
It helps to have an estimate per head for the platters, we can get by with between R80-R100 per head for a plentiful celebration!

Unfortunately if you are going to bring your own cake we will have to charge a cake fee. We do indeed bake!
We request designs or ideas as a guideline, but prefer to interpret it in our Afro-Boer style.
Cakes need to be pre-ordered, and you are most welcome to request almost anything!

If you wanted to bring decorations within limit you are welcome, we suggest flowers that do not stand high, and please no nails or glue. We do not decorate tables, but prepare them with salt and pepper shakers, sugar bowls, and fresh flowers.

Afro-Boer trades from
07h00-17h00, Monday – Saturday
08h30-16h00 Public Holidays
We are closed on Sundays

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask,
Hope this helps!

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