Angelo's Kitchen

18 Sloane Street, Bryanston, Sandton, South Africa
18 Sloane Street Sandton Gauteng 2191 ZA

Life is more fulfilling when you enjoy meals together with the ones you love!
I grew up in an Italian household, learning that when we eat we are together, at peace, relaxed and happy.
The food I helped my Grandmother prepare was traditional and always fresh.
It was a ritual that I didn’t fully appreciate until I was older and realized preparing a meal can be as important as eating it. I’ve instilled this ethic at Angelo’s Kitchen where we prepare meals in an open kitchen. Our ingredients are the best available. We mix up the cooking with the service with the atmosphere because I believe its all one. We only come together as families to eat, we should make it an experience so that we enjoy the time and allow it to endure for as long as we can.
Many of my staff stay for years, enjoying the atmosphere and food with clients so that we’ve become one big family. For me going to work is like going home, sometimes I think my Grandmother is there with us laughing at me in my apron!



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