Bouncy Croc

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Naboomspruit, Limpopo, South Africa
Bosbok Street Mookgopong Limpopo 0560 ZA

Bouncy Croc Crocodile farm is only an hour and a half’s drive from Pretoria. The farm is situated in the Limpopo province, close to various Warmbaths resorts. The entrance to Bouncy Croc leads one into an extraordinary place, where families can enjoy delicious food at our Crocodilian restaurant, and visit our well-stocked curio shop where one can get anything from soft crocodile toys for the little one, handmade Nile crocodile products and for the more daring crocodile meat products.

The real experience begins when one are taken up with a tractor into the commercial crocodile farm, where you can experience first-hand the ultimate aquatic predator. The Nile crocodile as well as other various crocodile species that can be found on the farm with their long powerful tails, webbed feet, streamlined bodies and very strong powerful jaws that can be viewed during feeding times.

What would experience?
You will be given the opportunity to TOUCH as well as HOLD a baby Nile crocodile. This makes for magnificent photo opportunities so remember the camera! Bouncy Croc also have on display some of the most dangerous restrictor snakes, including the Anaconda, Boll python and the Jungle Carmen python.

A tour guide will take you on an educational guided tour to see and experience the various sizes of Nile crocodiles, as well as give you the opportunity to see various other types of crocodiles such as the Alligator, Spectacled Caiman, African Dwarf Caiman and the African Long Snouted Crocodile. One will also have the opportunity to walk through our incredible Snake and Reptile park where one could learn and see various restrictor snakes and all sort of other reptiles.

After the tour you can relax and enjoy the scenery of nature at our own Crocodilian restaurant, or enjoy the heat of summer playing in our own Waterpark so don’t forget your costume.

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