Eatery JHB

Cnr 11th St & Victoria Ave Sandton, Gauteng
123 12th Street Sandton Gauteng 2196 ZA

Eatery JHB is an upmarket sort of place with a laid back kind of vibe where you can get awesome food for not a lot of money – I mean, by comparison, we are cheaper than Spur but better than, say, anywhere in Parkhurst.

In terms of decor, think of a homeless interior designer taking you to his more-glamorous-than-expected shack and fine-dining you. Think Biscuit Mill in Cape Town. Think 44 Stanley Avenue. Think derelict chic. It’s hard to describe us really but we’re cool, we promise.

We’re also in a pretty centralised area when it comes to dining. Parkmore is the shiz and we’re just off that main 11th Street artery into Sandton on Victoria Avenue.

Our menu is small, interesting and ever-changing so you won’t get bored of us and you will hopefully not be able to eat the same thing twice too often.

We place equal focus on all our dishes and our vegetarian options are receiving praise of the highest order – from true veggies themselves!

Enough chit-chat! Come and check us out and experience super cool..

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