Escape Room South Africa

Cnr Jan Smuts Ave & Bompas Rd, Dunkeld West, Johannesburg 2196
22 Bompas Road Randburg Gauteng 2196 ZA

Are you ready to be transported to another time and place where you will have to think out the box and work as a team to escape? Jo’burg’s first puzzle room is now open at the Dunkeld West Centre. Grab your friends, family or work colleagues and enjoy a real live Escape Room Come and experience this global entertainment phenomenon experience
Escape Room is Jo’burg’s original live puzzle game. You have 60 minutes to unravel the mystery of a hidden room, working as a team of 2-6 to solve a variety of quirky and inventive puzzles to escape.


Ideal for groups of friends, work colleagues or families.

A unique and innovative team building activity. Build your team’s capacity to work together, to solve problems creatively and think laterally. This is an exceptional opportunity to boost your team’s ability to work co-operatively to solve complex problems which require innovative solutions. The Escape Room experience is novel; it is fun; it is creative. Do the Escape Room as is for a fantastic team building event or contact us for more information about a bespoke event for your team. We work very closely with Professor Karen Milner of Wits University who will work with you to review the team behaviours and interactions. She will assist you to understand how different personalities solve problems in

Real-life room escape games are a type of adventure game in which you are “trapped” in a room with your friends, family or work mates. This is real – not a computer game. Use your sense of adventure, imagination, lateral thinking, powers of observation, and teamwork. Crack a series of stimulating, challenging and fun puzzles. Solve the mystery and escape the room within the time limit.


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