Hells Kitchen

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Shop 4. 7th Street Melville Johannesburg, South Africa
4 7th Street Johannesburg Gauteng 2109 ZA

1920’s New York speakeasy glamour, easy jazz and epic rock music, and excellent food and drinks, Hell’s Kitchen is a getaway from the trendy masses and a space to just be you. Live music on the weekends, a saloon-style menu, an impressive selection of wines, whiskeys and tequilas, and a secret poker room behind the bookcase to escape that one annoying friend.

So get on your tattoos on, leave your wife-beater at home and rock out with us in dimly lit style.

If Al Capone and Ronnie Dio came to Melville, this is where they would have a drink.

Hell’s Kitchen is home to HELLFIRE CINNAMON WHISKEY

Parking: Street
Serves lunch, dinner and drinks
Takes bookings
Walk-ins welcome
Good for groups or parties
Table service
Outdoor seating

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