Pablo's Mexican Cantina

6th Ave & 1st St, Benoni, 1501
5 1st Street Benoni Gauteng 1501 ZA

About Us
Imagine experiencing the smell of fresh Tortillas, the hint of slow roasting meat with traditional Mexican music playing in the background. On your arrival, you are welcomed to take a step back into the past and enjoy the ambience at Pablo’s Mexican Cantina. Infact, it feels like you’re coming home to Pablo’s for a home cooked traditional Mexican meal. Mexican food, like Mexico itself, is a combination of Vibrant colours blended with various textures; enticing flavours and fragments of interesting historical events. One of the most ancient cuisines of the Western world, it is also one cuisine that adapts easily to the contemporary kitchen for both Lifestyle Entertaining and everyday cooking.
The Menu favours a foundation of fresh Beef; Pork and Chicken, fresh Tacos, Fajitas and Burritos prepared daily, only using fresh ingredients.
Welcome to Pablo’s Mexican Cantina, the newest and most authentic Mexican experience right here in Benoni, South Africa!

Pablo Lopez was part of the Mexican Revolution and was one of Pancho Villa’s lieutenants. Villa and his supporters seized Hacienda land for redistribution to peasants and soldiers. He robbed and commandeered trains and like the other Revolutionary Generals, printed counterfeit money to pay for his cause. Villa and his supporters became known as the Villistas during the Revolution from 1910 until approximately 1920.
Pablo Lopez was jailed in Cindad Chihuahua, where he was sentenced to death. On 16th May 1916, he gave an interview with the El Paso Herald where he boldly stated “I would rather die for my country in a battle. But if it is decided to kill me, I will die as Pancho Villa would wish me to— with my hand erect and my eyes unbandaged; and history will not be able to record that Pablo Lopez flinched on the brink of eternity!”
A few days afterwards, Pablo Lopez stood in front of the firing squad and refused a blindfold, bravely giving the Order to “Fire”, himself.

Trading Hours
MON : 11H00 – 00H00
TUES-SAT : 12H00 – 00H00
SUN : 12H00 – 16H00

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