State 5 Fourways

42 Witkoppen Road, Corner Kingfisher Drive, Fourways
1 Kingfisher Drive Sandton Gauteng 2055 ZA

This is our coffee oasis in the city. It is situated in the Rustic Timber Centre, in the middle of Fourways, this shop gives you the feeling of getting a break from the city. We have a kiddies’ play area where dragon tamers look after the kids while you can take a small break and breathe. We also offer free wifi for you to do your work in an outdoor office. We have coupled great coffee with a full menu, including wood-fired pizzas for you to enjoy. Free wifi is an added benefit and can be used to do your work in a beautiful outdoor office.

State 5 was built on our need to consume amazing coffee – it is a place for the coffee lovers. After tons of research and experimentation, we decided on the red pill. From the beginning, we knew that we wanted to take people along on this coffee journey and assault the five senses of every individual with delectable smells and unbelievable tastes. From where it all started in the spare room of our house, to our own shops, coffee roaster, and distribution centre, we have always kept supplying great coffee as our core mission.

State 5 is a place for the pioneers, the innovators, and for the brave. In this, we aim to make State 5 a place that all South Africans can be proud of. If you are daring enough to embark on this coffee revolution with us, together we can put South African coffee on the international map. We will not stop until we do this. Join us in our coffee revolution – this is just the beginning.

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