The Orbit

81 de Korte Street, Braamfontein Johannesburg, South Africa
81 De Korte Street Johannesburg Gauteng 2000 ZA


The Orbit is the regularly repeated elliptical course of a celestial or man made object about a star or planet. In our case, The Orbit becomes the space where musicians reach new heights with unlimited creative spirit, and gravitate around each other in harmony and spontaneity to produce the most original and inspiring music.


The Orbit concept finds its roots and spirit in a small Jazz Social Club established in Troyeville, Johannesburg, in the early 2000’s by Aymeric Péguillan and 3 other partners. Peg’s Cosy Corner, as the venue was called, presented an intimate environment where musicians and jazz aficionados would hang around to listen to occasional live music and recordings till late at night around a drink. Twelve years later, a venue is reborn in Braamfontein, a booming and dynamic part of town, where Péguillan and his 2 partners, Dan Sermand & Kevindren Naidoo, developed a concept that would lead the way in offering the best possible creative expression platform for jazz musicians in Johannesburg. After months of intense brainstorming, consultations with musicians and negotiations with stakeholders around the nature of the new venture, The Orbit, a Live Music venue and Bistro, finally came to life.


We are committed to creating a platform for free creative expression that will allow musicians and their audience to share unique and unifying experiences.
We are committed to supplying musicians with the most suitable setting and staging so as to perform in the most comfortable and inspiring space in Johannesburg.

We are committed to creating a respectful, socially balanced, community focused environment for our audiences, our supporting members, our staff and partners.

We are committed to contributing to the development of the performing arts in our city.


The Orbit is the brainchild of 3 avid Jazz lovers with distinct life journeys who share the same passion and creative vision. Aymeric Péguillan, Dan Sermand & Kevindren Naidoo met around a simple understanding: Johannesburg, its musicians and its residents deserve a lasting space of reference for creative musical expression, a place where artist musicians are acknowledged and recognized for their contribution to the enrichment of our society. Equipped with a variety of professional experiences and their close proximity to the music industry in SA and internationally, the 3 partners’ ambition is to establish the finest live music venue in South Africa.

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